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The sole purpose of the data, documents and marketing information included and displayed on moomoc is to provide non-binding information for visitors to our website and these are based on the level of knowledge of the persons entrusted with their preparation on the date of the editorial deadline. The information constitutes neither an advertisement, an invitation (to submit a bid), nor an offer to purchase or sell securities, financial instruments or financial products of any type whatsoever.


Where appropriate, the website may contain links to websites owned and operated by third parties, over whose contents moomoc has no influence. Therefore, moomoc cannot assume any guarantee for this external content either. The respective providers or operators are always responsible for the content of the linked websites. The links contained in this website, or references to websites provided by third parties, do not constitute an approval of their contents. No responsibility is accepted for the availability or the contents of such websites and nor any liability for damage or injury arising from any use - "of whatever kind" - of such contents.


These days, it goes without saying that internet services, such as moomoc, can be provided and used worldwide. Nevertheless, in many countries different laws and rules apply. Therefore, all users who visit and or use moomoc, regardless of which country they live in or from which country they access moomoc, shall agree to do so in accordance with the latest legal norms prevailing in the Republic of Austria and to accept these laws.


The value of the investment instruments which are presented may, at any times, rise and fall. The future performance of investment instruments cannot be extrapolated from historical developments that have perhaps been shown. For this reason, past performance - even if this is displayed and promoted on moomoc website - is no guarantee of positive performance in the future.


Investments in foreign currencies can be subject to fluctuations in exchange rates and, thus, entail higher risks. Furthermore, the website contains information about different investment products and, if applicable, the opportunities and risks associated with them. A risk is to be understood as the failure to achieve an expected return on the capital invested and/or the loss of the capital invested including its total loss and beyond that, whereby this risk - depending on the structure of a product - can have different underlying causes that could result from the product, the markets or the product provider. These risks are not always foreseeable, therefore, the presentation should not be construed as being an exhaustive list of all the possible risks.
If we calculate returns, we assume, that the profits of each moomoc are reinvested. Furthermore all common broker fees were includet. But these comissions do not have to conform to your broker comissions.


Customers using moomoc internet services shall agree to be bound by the Terms of Use that are set out here. All customers shall indicate their agreement by confirming that they acknowledge and accept the General Terms and Conditions / Terms of Use already in the course of the partial use of the website. Partial use of the website shall be deemed to exist as soon as the website is called up in a web browser on a mobile device or at a stationary platform.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]